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Easter Lamb, Veal & Eggs are measured in the lives of murdered babies


Is your family having lamb or veal for Easter this year? Are you painting eggs or doing an Easter egg matches with real eggs? If so, then you should know the truth about the babies that were murdered for your food and entertainment

It is seen as a tradition to eat lamb or veal on Easter day, but it’s easy to miss the connection between the adorable spring animal in the field, and the food on your plate. Just like the horror of factory farms, these animals are kept in horrible conditions and are not running around on grass as we would like to believe.
These animals are often just few weeks old when they are slaughtered. So, when you are eating lamb or veal, you are eating a baby.
Despite the propaganda put out by religions, there is no kind way to murder an innocent being. Halal is a painful way to die for animals, and has even been banned in some countries like Denmark for causing unnecessary pain to the animals. Halal slaughter involves hanging the animal upside down, then slitting their throat as the animal takes seconds and even minutes to bleed out. Imagine how painful it would be for you if someone slit your throat. The animal feels that same pain.

For the egg industry, male chicks are deemed worthless because they can’t lay eggs or grow fast enough to be raised for their meat. So, the industry throws live male chicks in the trash. The females have their beaks torn off, and have a life of misery that awaits as a female laying hen and are confined in tiny cages so small that they even can’t flap their wings.

Celebrating Easter does not have to bring harm, cruelty, suffering, exploitation and death to animal

Choose compassion this Easter and commit to causing no harm by celebrating without the use of animals for food, Easter eggs, Maamoul El Eid, Easter chocolate eggs baskets or gifts. Keep this Easter completely animal-free by choosing meals that are free of meat and dairy products and animal-free gifts. 
Try to live the biblical philosophy by having mercy on innocent animals and the cruelty done to them

God’s mercy is over all His creature 

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We have been conditioned by destructive belief systems. look at the world with new eyes.

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