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Choose Compassion
2 years ago

We should not own a pet

2 years ago
Australia Officially Ends Cosmetic Animal Testing

The country will work with Humane Society International to uphold the ban on animal testing and explore other testing methods.

2 years ago
Elissar News

صيد خنازير برية بعد وقف موسم الصيد24/2/2019
Age restriction more than 18years
عدم مشاهدة هذا الفيديو لذوي القلوب الضعيفة
شاركت ... See more

2 years ago
Free from Harm


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

12 Reasons You May Never Want to Eat Turkeys Again: ... See more

2 years ago
Ballouta: Lebanon's Very First All Vegan Cafe

In an effort to accommodate the growing number of vegans in Lebanon and this increasing lifestyle shift, the vegan scene continues to expand and thrive in the country, welcoming new additions to the ... See more

2 years ago
Veal Isn't the Only Baby Animal We Eat

Every animal violently slaughtered on a factory farm was a baby.


2 years ago
Joey Carbstrong


I felt so protective over this baby chick. I can’t really explain it. He was just so fragile and innocent. He fell asleep in my hand and trusted me so much. I get emotional just thinking about ... See more

2 years ago
Lily The Mother Goat

Barely alive and already marked as someone’s property.
Their slaughter date was determined the day they were born.

2 years ago
Elissar News

يعتبر الصيد الجائر العشوائي الذي يقصد النباتات والحيوانات بما يتناقض مع القوانين المحلية والدولية لحفظ ... See more

أسد رأس الرجاء الصالح... مهدد بالانقراض!

2 years ago
Compassion Over Killing

30 seconds of truth: If you knew how they suffered, would you stop it?

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January 27, 2017