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Vegans and protesters come together to march in Beirut demanding action on climate change
Veganic Agriculture: The Cruelty Free Alternative

“Pay Attention” . One of the ways our upbringing withholds our potential.

pay attention

How does one do it?! What is the bodily function responsible for such an action? Taking into consideration that the brain is also part of the body, how does one force their thoughts to only project on one single limited aspect of what is happening “out there”? How does one really “Pay attention”? These- and…

Mass-shooting of protected Nightjars by ‘proud’ Lebanese poachers


Mass-shooting of protected Nightjars (Caprimulgus europaeus). Lebanese poachers have developed an insidious method to kill masses of night-migrating birds. Electronic bird callers and powerful spotlights are used to lure whole flocks down onto bare [fake] illuminated trees where they are subsequently annilihated. Despite the new hunting law being implemented since 15 September 2017, many poachers…

Beirut Cat Café Opening Soon – What’s the deal?

Beirut Cat Café

In collaboration with Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals BETA and Petriotics, the owner of Beirut Cat Café Lynn Khoury revealed that the café is set to open in Beirut Waterfront by the end of November 2017. Visitors of Beirut Cat Café will be able to spend time with cats provided by BETA and to experience these shelter cats…

Here’s why it is not okay to eat animals

Choose compassion - it is not okay to eat animals

Believe it’s okay to eat animals? We are all born loving animals until we get slowly and discreetly yet steadily conditioned through an invisible destructive belief system which introduces animals as products, commodities and tools for entertainment. This unquestioned belief system distorts our perception of what is natural, normal and necessary. We argue that eating…

2.6 million birds illegally killed in Lebanon every year according to a scientific study

2.6 million birds illegally killed in Lebanon every year.

BirdLife International and Partners have uncovered the shocking extent to which a number of species are being decimated, putting together a list of the ten countries with the highest mean number of birds illegally killed annually. The study – poignantly headlined The Killing – has been carried out and breaks down the killings, country-by-country across…

LBCC: Individuals that commit birds mass slaughter are not real hunters.

The individuals that commit these mass slaughter are not real hunters.

The 15th of September marks the official opening of the hunting season. The Lebanese Bird Conservation Coalition (LBCC) fear that the mass slaughter of many bird species, will continue as in past years. The individuals that commit mass slaughters against species of wild birds, many of which are globally at risk from extinction are not real…

75% of earth population are lactose intolerant: Here’s why

75% of earth population are lactose intolerant

With over 75 percent of humans on the planet unable to properly process lactose (lactose intolerant), it is evidence enough that we are not doing what is natural and in accordance with our bodies. The reduction of lactase activity after infancy is a genetically programmed event. Lactase is necessary for the digestion of lactose, the main…

Animal Protection And Welfare Law published in the Lebanese official gazette

Animal protection and welfare law approved

The Animal Protection And Welfare law 47/2017 is finally in effect after it got approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Council of Ministers, Joint Committee of Parliament, General Assembly of Parliament, and The President of Lebanon, his Excellency General Michel Aoun and finally published in the Lebanese official gazette. After eight years of researching, drafting, revising,…

New Video: Mass killing of birds of prey in the Lebanon, day 3, CABS

Mass killing of birds of prey in the Lebanon, day 3, CABS

Bird Guards film raptor massacre beyond all imagination in the Lebanon. After CABS teams documented and reported the slaughter of dozens of protected birds of prey to the Lebanese authorities last week they returned to the killing fields in Aghbeh to see if the situation has improved. The opposite was the case. On Sunday September…

CABS members and Lebanese partner organisation SPNL participated in a police training course

CABS members and Lebanese partner organisation SPNL training

In Aqoura (Lebanon), CABS members and the Lebanese partner organisation SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon)  participated in a police training course. The police officers present will monitor the compliance with the new hunting law. Among other things, CABS – Committee Against Bird Slaughter – were able to show their video about Honey Buzzard…