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Think Well. Live Smart -choose compassion

So how did you exactly feel when you saw that man abusing the poor cat and beating her up to death?
Did you feel angry? Did you feel the abuse? Did you recognize him as a murderer?
Did you have the urge to go out there and beat the hell out of him?

When was the last time you visited the circus?
Did you really believe that these animals are having fun amusing you?
Did you think for a second that they are just slaves, doing an unpleasant “job” and you are paying for it?

I was so happy to watch that bull who invaded the Prospect Park in Brooklyn that other day.
He was freely running around the soccer fields as a large crowd gathered outside a fence to watch and cheer!
A worker at Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey, said the bull is being taken to their facility where they gave him a name: “Shankar.”
In case you are wondering, “Shankar” means “one who brings about happiness or prosperity.”
All living beings deserve to be happy and free and animals are living beings, right?

Did you stop and think for a second about that clean and -so called- fresh meat that you buy from the supermarket?
Do you know where it came from?
Do you know HOW it was painfully dragged there into your plate?
Were you able to hear the voice of the cow during her attempt to escape that big knife?

Can you imagine yourself looking into these animals’ eyes now?
What will they tell you?
Will you be able to hear them scream and beg for life?
Are you able to hear their fear, feel their pain, live their life and pretend you are happy and relaxed?

You are not!

That fear and pain was right there inside your plate, inside your stomach and running through your bloody veins as you are reading my last words now.

Are you willing to go through this whole procedure next time you want to have lunch?


Nathalie J. BandAge Nov | 2017

Smart Dog Photo by: Braydon Anderson

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