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Lebanon participated in the annual commemoration and celebration of the National Animal Rights Day – NARD 2023

National Animal Rights Day Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the countries that joined the global movement of the National Animal Rights Day (NARD) on June 4th, 2023. This day is dedicated to honoring the lives of the billions of animals who are exploited and killed by humans every year, and to celebrating the progress that is being made towards ending the suffering of animals and bringing forth their freedom.

A group of passionate animal rights activists from Beirut organized a peaceful demonstration in a public park, where they displayed graphic images of animal suffering in various industries, such as farming, entertainment, research, and fashion. They also played live music to demonstrate their empathy and compassion for the animals. They urged the public to acknowledge the Declaration of Animal Rights, which states that all animals have inherent worth and rights, regardless of their species, function, or status.

One of the highlights of the event was a speech in Lebanese Arabic by Jad Baki, a prominent animal liberation activist who inspired the audience with his powerful words and urged them to take action for the animals and support the Declaration of Animal Rights.

The date of April 6, 2023, this year, in the years before, and in the coming years, is National Animal Rights Day. On this occasion, I have prepared this speech, and my friends have prepared all this work because we have reached a point in society where it is our duty to extend our moral capacity to non-human animals who share the planet with us. And to understand that these oppressed animals that humans always come up with new ways to exploit, are sentient beings who feel pain and pleasure and share many traits with humans, On this special day, we are here to show people that animal liberation is not a delusion and it’s not a minor issue, but rather a very important one, achieved with the fall of the systems that exploit animals and, of course, humans. When we talk about animal rights, it’s not exclusive to dogs and cats; we’re also talking about cows, chickens, pigs, etc., which are the most enslaved and exploited beings. Whether it’s for their bodies, their skin, their bones, their milk, or even the animal’s period, humans try to take advantage of it. We have reached a point where it’s now our duty to understand that animals are not slaves to humans but rather are here with us, and we share this planet. A lot of people say, “Let’s give humans their rights, then we’ll give animals their rights,” and I’ll give two answers to this statement. First, it is important to realize that human liberation and animal liberation are one cause; we cannot separate them, and one cannot be achieved without the other. Second, on a personal level, you cannot stop wars or end world hunger to secure all the rights of humans, but when it comes to animals, every day at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you have a choice: “Will I participate in the killing of animals? Will I pay for their torture just for a plate of food? Will I have mercy on the animal and choose to be more mindful in my choice so I won’t hurt anyone?” Most of the time, people are completely detached from the background of the food they eat, and they forget that the meat they’re eating is the body of an animal that did not want to die. This day is a reminder that our actions have the power to shape a world of justice for all creatures. This day is also a reminder of our promise to keep working to build a society that respects all animals and doesn’t see them as mere objects for exploitation, a society without supremacy. Let’s be aware that progress does not happen with the actions of 10 or 20 people, but rather with the collective effort of the majority of society. So let us all be a voice for these animals that do not have the ability to speak up for themselves, and let us protect the weak rather than exploiting them. By embracing animal rights, we enrich our humanity.

Speech by Jad Baki, a prominent animal liberation activist

The event concluded with a live cooking demonstration by the Lebanese Vegans NGO as part of their vegan outreach campaigns, showcasing the horrors of animal agriculture on display screens and showing how easy and delicious it is to prepare vegan shawarma and taouk.

They also distributed free samples and leaflets to the curious bystanders, who were impressed by the taste. They answered questions and debunked myths about veganism and animal rights, and encouraged people to embrace veganism.

Rami Merza, one of the organizers of the NARD event in Lebanon said that he was very happy with the turnout and the positive feedback they received from the public. He hoped that the event would raise awareness and spark conversations about the plight of animals and the benefits of veganism. He also expressed his solidarity with other NARD events around the world, and their commitment to continue working for a more compassionate and peaceful world for all beings.إعلان-حقوق-الحيوان-في-لبنان.pdf

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