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Lebanese Vegans Food Relief Program Providing Vegan Meals To Homeless People


With the help of a public fundraiser and support from Million Dollar Vegan, nonprofit organization Lebanese Vegans in collaboration with animal rights activist Seb Alex, launched the Vegan Food Relief Program in attempt to bring some warmth to those less fortunate, homeless people amidst the economic and financial crisis, followed by COVID-19 pandemic.

Lebanese Vegans Food Relief Program started right after the 2020 massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon and continued to provide at least 40 meals each week for the next year.

The vegan meals are prepared by Lebanese Vegans team and distributed in Beirut area by activists and volunteers. People in need as well can pick up free meals at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub.

Lebanese Vegans mission is to help both humans and other animals, by distributing strictly plant-based foods.

There are unfortunate people in need but at least with a shelter and media coverage, gaining popularity affection and support of many.
While other unfortunate people in need, with no shelter, no media coverage to gain popularity support, are actually the most needy, the most forgotten ones.

Lebanese Vegans

For those who wish to volunteer and be part of the Vegan Food Relief Program, you can DM @lebaneseveganssocialhub for more information! For those wishing to contribute with a donation, you can find the link in their website:

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