The Vegan Christmas Market Lights Up The Holiday Season at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub

Vegan Christmas Market

The Lebanese Vegans NGO organized its annual Vegan Christmas Market event on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at their Social Hub, the first vegan support center in the Middle East.

In order to achieve its goals, the NGO’s “Vegan Christmas Market” encourages people to demonstrate their compassion for animals, the environment, and humanity in real life. The Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, located in Beirut-Lebanon, opened its doors at 4:00 P.M. for enthusiastic people to explore the Vegan Christmas Market.

On the hub’s terrace, heaps of attendees excitedly refreshed their palates tasting the varied products of multiple local vegan businesses while networking and enjoying the tunes of a live band featuring musicians from the vegan community.

The vegan market consisted of about 20 booths displaying a variety of nutritious, cruelty-free vegan dishes, desserts, drinks, snacks, protein shakes and more, in addition to the Lebanese Vegans’ live cooking and tasting of traditional Lebanese food such as Shawarma, Taouk, and many others. 

The Vegan Center hosted an interactive quiz contest for attendees to test their knowledge of vegan topics. They could win vouchers for complimentary products or meals from “The Collective” vegan café and boutique. Participants also engaged in discussions with animal rights activists.

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