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Compassion is the tool to evolve into Higher Consciousness.


When you feel compassion for every being in your heart, that’s consciousness! Here’s how.

As human beings, we spend most of our lives functioning in states of lower consciousness where we’re principally concerned with, is ourselves, our survival, self interests, cravings and our own success narrowly. Most people never stop to take a moment to think outward, outside of themselves and what their actions as individuals have consequences beyond their individuality.

When we start to think outward in a more imaginative way, rather than simply in terms of how it affects us, we loosen our hold on our own egos and ascend to a less biased and more universal perspective casting off a little of our brutal pride. In such states, the mind moves beyond its particular self-interests and craving.

There is no more you and others, there is a sense of oneness.

Our perception is not so much a separation, we are now seeing it in a oneness format to where whatever you do affects others. That’s when we get into a oneness consciousness. It is a very high vibrational frequency. Imagine reaching deep down into your consciousness, peeling away the layers of race, gender, ethnicity, background and species. Imagine that in deep relaxation you are able to go beyond the body and mind. What remains? There is still an awareness that you exist. At that level, how different are you from others?

Compassion is bitter-sweet.

At such moments, the world reveals itself as quite different: a place of suffering but also a place of sympathy and kindness, beauty and touching vulnerability. One’s interests are put aside, and one can imaginatively fuse with everything around us. So now when we look at a person, when we look at an animal, we now can feel everything, we have compassion, we act and live with a sense of compassion for all sentient beings. In this energetic frequency there are so much love animating from us that it pours out of us and our actions: our compassion.

The greater the awareness, the better our human race becomes.

By awakening this consciousness, you become more aware. you realize that you are so much beyond your body and that you really extend to all other sentient beings and all life and in fact, the entire planet.

The number one value of advanced civilizations: Unity. The quality of this state: A sense of connectedness. We move to a more advanced practice where we extend love and compassion across the world, we start with our family, our neighborhood, our city, our country and then globally. when you look at them with a sense of empathy, with a sense of understanding and it is that understanding that changes and reframes your definition of the world.

Compassion is the flex in today’s society.

Compassion is such a superpower, We underestimate it because for the longest time in society we thought kindness is associated with weakness, and exercicing power over someone else was a sign of strength. Compassion in itself is a quality of being. it is very important for you to show up in the world not just as a good human being but a person with a mission to change the world.

You’re now living a mission-oriented life and that mission is designed to push humanity forward.

When you feel compassion in your heart, the world becomes a more beautiful alive connected place and more peaceful and the world needs that today. As we proceed further, consciousness expands to a still higher dimension, where the qualities of generosity of heart, humility, compassion and kindness reach their epitome. That is the Heartfulness way!

It’s about time to loose our hold on our own egos and ascend to a universal perspective. A universal sense of higher state of consciousness where our heart breaks open with feeling, love, and compassion toward all sentient beings. When we discover our interconnection with others, and the world!

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