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What Is Humanity’s Worst Enemy, And How Does It Affect the Animal Liberation Movement?

What is humanity's worst enemy, and how does it affect the animal liberation movement?

As human beings, we spend most of our lives functioning in states of low consciousness, where what we’re principally concerned with is ourselves, our self-interests, and our cravings. Our mind has been discreetly conditioned for all these years through an invisible, destructive belief system that is derived from human illusions with no basis in reality. These illusions distort our perception of what is natural, normal, and necessary. Many people are brainwashed, usually by whichever particular institutional system they were brought up in, into thinking that they are somehow superior to all other species and that the earth and all “creation” were specially made solely for them, or because of other subjective-based reasons that separate us from other non-human animals. Our society indoctrinates us into the paradigm of using non-human animals as resources. We argue that using animals for food and any other purposes is a given and never a choice. We have been brainwashed into the conviction that our particular institutional system is morally right, superior, etc. We subscribed to the belief that some lives do not matter or are inferior to others. The profit-driven nature of the meat, dairy, and egg industries may also perpetuate the idea that animal-based products are necessary for our health and economic success.

So what is humanity’s worst enemy?

Humanity’s worst enemy is a low consciousness. When we operate in a low state of consciousness, we’re unable to think outward, outside of ourselves, and what our actions as individuals have consequences beyond our individuality. Ego, arrogance, hatred, self-centeredness, the superiority complex, and any other undesirable qualities take control over us. Subconsciously, we are engaging in the current harmful and murderous socially conditioned paradigm.

So how does low consciousness affect the animal liberation movement?

Animal liberation is a movement that aims to free animals from human domination and oppression. Animal liberationists challenge the speciesist assumptions that underlie human supremacy and advocate for a radical transformation of human-animal relations. Animal Liberation Activists know that societal beliefs are not absolute truth. Animal liberation activists know that using animals is completely unnecessary. They know that animals who are raised for food or clothing, used as experimental objects in laboratories, and exploited in the entertainment industry want to live free, as we do. Animal Liberation Activists are rational, logical, and responsible. They defy the supremacy and superiority complex, selfishness and ego, hypocrisy, and arrogance. While everyone is complicit in their cravings and self-interests, animal liberation activists sacrifice their time to speak up for animals. And when they talk about animal rights, they are talking primarily about one right: the right not to be used.

But people with negative qualities and low consciousness tend to show less moral concern for animals in general, and especially for low-status animals, such as farmed animals (e.g., pigs and cows) and unappealing wild animals (e.g., rats and snakes). These animals are often perceived as less worthy of respect and compassion. Moral exclusion allows people to ignore the suffering and interests of non-human animals and to rationalize their mistreatment as acceptable or necessary. People with low consciousness may not grasp the ethical, environmental, and health implications of consuming animal products. They may be disconnected from the suffering of animals or the detrimental effects of animal agriculture on the planet. People who operate in a low state of consciousness just avoid facing and admitting the truth. They hate activists who speak up for animals because they become an unwanted mirror of conscience. Rather than acknowledge facts and accept that supporting animal exploitation is morally wrong and a violation of rights, they irrationally justify human practices towards nonhuman animals. Most people choose to turn a blind eye to the biggest and long-standing injustice against our fellow animals because these arrangements obviously serve their self-interests and cravings. Some people have a tendency to curse the messenger who is trying to pull at their conscience by reminding them about the process of their food or of their complicity in exploiting and using animals for their own selfish benefits.

Awakening yourself and reversing social conditioning happens only when you decide to “step out of the box”

It’s about time to loosen your hold on your own ego and arrogance and ascend to a universal perspective. A universal sense of higher state of consciousness where our heart breaks open with feeling, love, respect, and compassion toward all sentient beings, when we discover our connectedness, oneness, and interconnection with others and the world. Raising consciousness involves seeking knowledge, engaging with educational resources, and actively questioning unjust societal beliefs. We can reject societal beliefs by taking an objective look at our choices and changing the ones that use and abuse other animals. Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from and superior to other animals, we should recognize our interdependence and commonality with them. We should also acknowledge that animals have intrinsic value and rights that deserve our respect and protection.

Our task, “to create peace and love on earth,” requires the raising of human consciousness to the highest level of unconditional care and love for all sentient beings. Until we come to the realization that nonhuman animals are not here for us but rather here with us and realize that we need to stop seeing them as property, there will never be peace and love on this earth.

“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

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