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More than a hundred people attended the Vegan Outreach workshop by Seb Alex In Lebanon

Vegan outreach workshop - Seb Alex - lebanese vegans

For the very first time in Beirut, Lebanon, a Vegan outreach workshop was presented by Seb Alex on Friday August 16, 2019 at Hayek Hospital -Sin El Fil.

This workshop is not an introduction to veganism. Most Participants have a firm grasp on general vegan knowledge (ethics, nutrition, environmental impact, etc.) and have some experience speaking with others about veganism. This workshop was mostly intended for activists who engage in street outreach such as Anonymous for The Voiceless.


Seb Alex is a prominent campaigner for animal liberation, inspiring hundreds of people to try veganism.
Born and raised in Lebanon, Seb moved to Europe in 2011 to pursue his career in Sustainable Architecture. In September 2017, 3 years after his activism journey had begun, Seb decided to quit his job and dedicate all his time for the animals.

Vegan outreach workshop seb alex lebanon

In 2019, he was invited to speak about Veganism & Sustainability in more than 30 universities and schools in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Portugal, reaching more than 2200 students between the ages of 13 and 30. He is now working on creating social media content, helping out with the organisation of grassroots activism events and organizing around 100 talks to give during 2020.

The “Effective communication with non vegans” workshop presented by Seb Alex at Hayek Hospital’s auditorium, provided activists with an advanced skillset to increase success rates in one-on-one, vegan outreach conversations.

In this workshop, activists learned heaps about how to communicate effectively with non vegans, how to adapt to different personality types (aka. social styles), build rapport and gain trust quickly, structure outreach conversations for maximum impact, ask the most effective types of questions, handle objections to veganism like a pro, and ultimately, get more people to commit to going vegan.

There was a great mix of lecture and interactive activities followed by a Q&A session. The material was presented in an interesting way using tips from Seb’s own vegan outreach experience and was professionally delivered with high standards and great humor.

Finally, the attendees had the chance to experience Vegan food tasting at Hayek Hospital premises. The food stands displayed a variety of nutritious, cruelty-free dishes, cookies, desserts and drinks.

This event was organised by members of the international animal rights organization in Lebanon “Anonymous for the Voiceless“, Rachelle kayrouz and Rami Merza, supported by Lebanese VegansChoose Compassion, Ballouta – Vegan Goods, CoconoixHealth & Diet Corner By KaizeeBadass Vegan Kitchen, Khassé, Fit Food and roll.


Vegan and Animal Liberation activist. We have been conditioned by destructive belief systems. look at the world with new eyes.

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