Animals Lebanon have worked round the clock to help animals affected by Beirut explosion.
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More than a hundred people attended the Vegan Outreach workshop by Seb Alex In Lebanon

Vegan outreach workshop - Seb Alex - lebanese vegans

For the very first time in Beirut, Lebanon, a Vegan outreach workshop was presented by Seb Alex on Friday August 16, 2019 at Hayek Hospital -Sin El Fil. This workshop is not an introduction to veganism. Most Participants have a firm grasp on general vegan knowledge (ethics, nutrition, environmental impact, etc.) and have some experience…

The Truth Behind The Food We Eat In Lebanon, Exposed by Animal Liberation Activists

exposed - lebanon - Animal Liberation activists

The truth behind the food we eat in Lebanon has been exposed by brave animal liberation activists. All the footage were taken in Lebanon in 2019. Industrially-farmed chickens The undercover investigations show the industrially-farmed chickens forced to live in dismal conditions and grow as big as possible in the shortest possible time. Chickens live in…



It was a privilege for Lebanese Vegans to participate in the SECOND INTERNATIONAL PEDIATRIC NEPHROLOGY ASSOCIATION TEACHING COURSE (JOINT ISN-IPNA TEACHING COURSE) held on June 13-14-15, 2019 at The Hilton Habtoor Hotel, Convention Center – Beirut Lebanon. Lebanese Vegans had their spot at this scientific event to spread awareness about the benefits of plant-based diet,…

Easter Lamb, Veal & Eggs are measured in the lives of murdered babies

Easter babies

Is your family having lamb or veal for Easter this year? Are you painting eggs or doing an Easter egg matches with real eggs? If so, then you should know the truth about the babies that were murdered for your food and entertainment It is seen as a tradition to eat lamb or veal on Easter day,…

Christmas, The Season of Goodwill to People and Cruelty to Animals

Christmas, The Season of Goodwill to People and Cruelty to Animals

Christmas! The season of goodwill to each others. The season where we turn more villains to animals. Christmas is a special time of the year for many people around the world. Families get together to share food, gifts and happy times. It is supposed to be the festival of peace and yet it kind of…

Beirut Hosted The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation “Party for the Animals” Conference

Animal Politics Foundation conference - Party For The Animals

The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation Conference In Beirut The Animal Politics Foundation (part of the Dutch Party for the Animals) organised a conference on animal rights issues and the future of our planet at the Phoenicia Beirut Hotel, Lebanon from the 12th till the 13th of December 2018. Around 40 representatives of animal rights, environmental organizations…

The first Cube of Truth hit Beirut Lebanon on International Cube Day

cube of truth -anonymous for the voiceless

Cube Of Truth The first Cube of Truth hit Beirut Lebanon on the 3rd of November 2018 and on International Cube Day where more than 500 cubes took place world wide! These awareness campaigns are organized by the animal rights organisation Anonymous for the Voiceless where they expose to the public what is intentionally hidden from them…

Animals Lebanon and Beirut Municipality help a group of 17 dogs


Are good things coming for Beirut dogs? Abused, poisoned, shot. That is what dogs normally face when trying to survive on the streets. One lucky group of dogs were saved from this miserable life – hopefully the first of many in Beirut. With the enactment of the Animal Protection and Welfare Law, the Beirut Municipality بلدية…