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Easter Lamb, Veal & Eggs are measured in the lives of murdered babies

Easter babies

Is your family having lamb or veal for Easter this year? Are you painting eggs or doing an Easter egg matches with real eggs? If so, then you should know the truth about the babies that were murdered for your food and entertainment

It is seen as a tradition to eat lamb or veal on Easter day, but it’s easy to miss the connection between the adorable spring animal in the field, and the food on your plate. These animals are often just few weeks old when they are slaughtered. So, when you are eating lamb or veal, you are eating babies. Just like the horror of factory farms, these animals are kept in horrible conditions and are not running around on grass as we would like to believe.

There is no kind way to murder an innocent being. The slaughter involves hanging the animal upside down, then slitting their throat as the animal takes seconds and even minutes to bleed out. Imagine how painful it would be for you if someone slit your throat. The animal feels that same pain.

Eggs are in high demand during the Easter season.

In poultry farming, layer hens are the female chickens who spend their entire lives laying eggs for commercial purposes. The operation collects the eggs and packages them for supermarkets and restaurants all over the world. Many families enjoy the tradition of decorating eggs with vibrant colors, and eggs are a popular ingredient in many Easter recipes. However, over 75% of the eggs we buy come from hens that have spent their entire lives in small, cramped cages. They aren’t allowed to nest, for instance, or to care for their young.

Hens, like many female animals, are designed to nourish and care for their young. They often help their chicks hatch, then begin teaching them how to be chickens. They help them gather food and protect them from predators. None of these natural bonding experiences happen on poultry farms. Broiler hens, just like laying hens, have their eggs snatched from them immediately. The eggs are then incubated under UV light and are left to hatch on their own

Male Chicks Are Killed immediately after birth.

Male chicks are deemed worthless because they can’t lay eggs or grow fast enough to be raised for their meat. There’s no reason for poultry farming operations to keep male chicks in a layer hen operation. Since males can’t lay eggs, they’re slaughtered immediately after birth. They aren’t suitable as broiler hens because they haven’t been genetically selected for meat harvesting.

The wholesale destruction of millions of male chicks often involves gassing, boiling, or even grinding. These animals aren’t granted a humane death, and their birth becomes entirely useless. So, the industry throws live babies in the trash. .

Celebrating Easter does not have to bring harm, cruelty, suffering, exploitation and death to animal

Choose compassion this Easter and commit to causing no harm by celebrating without the use of animals for food, Easter eggs, Maamoul El Eid, Easter chocolate eggs baskets or gifts. Keep this Easter completely animal-free by choosing meals that are free of meat and dairy products and animal-free gifts. 
Try to live the biblical philosophy by having mercy on innocent animals and the cruelty done to them

God’s mercy is over all His creature 

Vegan and Animal Liberation activist. We have been conditioned by destructive belief systems. look at the world with new eyes.

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