What is humanity's worst enemy, and how does it affect the animal liberation movement?
المرأة والحيوانات ليست للخدمة
من تضحية التقاليد إلى رحمة الحاضر: بناء مستقبل أفضل لعيد الأضحى
What’s Stopping You From Going Vegan Overcoming Common Barriers
Where we stand on animal rights reflects where we would have stood on slavery
Human Supremacy animal rights veganism animal liberation
هل حرية المعتقد تعطي الحق في فرضها على حياة الاخرين؟
hatred anger choose compassion

Compassion is the tool to evolve into Higher Consciousness.


When you feel compassion for every being in your heart, that’s consciousness! Here’s how. As human beings, we spend most of our lives functioning in states of lower consciousness where we’re principally concerned with, is ourselves, our survival, self interests, cravings and our own success narrowly. Most people never stop to take a moment to…

مشاركة لبنان للمرة الأولى في إحياء الذّكرى السّنوية لليوم الوطني لحقوق الحيوان

مشاركة لبنان للمرة الأولى في إحياء الذّكرى السّنوية لليوم الوطني لحقوق الحيوان

اليوم الوطنّي لحقوق الحيوان (نارد) الواقع في 5 حزيران هو الذّكرى السّنوية لمليارات الحيوانات التي تعاني وتموت يومياً على أيدي البشر، يشارك فيه  عدد لا حصر له من البلدان حول العالم ، بغرض تسليط الضّوء على الضّحيّة الأكثر ظلما في تاريخ البشرية مع محاولة إيصال صوت وجعها وأنين بكائها من هنا من بيروت، لبنان، وبرعاية…

هل حرية المعتقد تعطينا حق فرضه على حياة الاخرين؟

هل حرية المعتقد تعطي الحق في فرضها على حياة الاخرين؟

لكل إنسان حق في حرية المعتقد وتبنّي الأفكار التي يريدها. هل لديك الحق في فرضها على حياة الاخرين؟ يُعزّز مجتمعنا ومؤسساتنا باستمرار فكرة السيادة البشرية على الحيوانات الأُخرى ولكن هل هذا المعتقد يعطينا الحق في إجبارهم على المواقف التي يتم فيها تجاهل كرامتهم، وعدم مراعاة معاناتهم، وعدم رؤية شخصياتهم، وسلب حياتهم؟ ما ذنب هذه الكائنات…

Events Hosted by Lebanese Vegans are Again Back on the Calendar

events hosted by lebanese veggans

The long-awaited events hosted by Lebanese Vegans are finally back on the calendar after a temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Enthusiastic guests attended a screening event of the Vegan athlete documentary “From the Ground Up“, hosted at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub – Sin el Fil, Lebanon on Saturday 5th of June 2021 followed by a speech…

Lebanese Vegans Food Relief Program Providing Vegan Meals To Homeless People


With the help of a public fundraiser and support from Million Dollar Vegan, nonprofit organization Lebanese Vegans in collaboration with animal rights activist Seb Alex, launched the Vegan Food Relief Program in attempt to bring some warmth to those less fortunate, homeless people amidst the economic and financial crisis, followed by COVID-19 pandemic. Lebanese Vegans…

Lebanese Vegans Urges People To Stop Funding Pandemics In Their First Billboard Ads Campaign

Lebanese Vegans Urges People To Stop Funding Pandemics In Their First Billboard Ads Campaign

Nonprofit organization Lebanese Vegans just launched their first billboard Ads campaign in Beirut, urging people to stop funding pandemics and offering free help to go vegan on their website lebanesevegans.org. The first Vegan billboard Ads campaign in Lebanon will run for a month on key points in Beirut and the surrounding areas, targeting millions of people…

Lebanon Hosts The Very First Vegan Hospital in The World!

Lebanon hosts the very first vegan hospital in the world!

THE VERY FIRST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD TO OFFER EXCLUSIVELY VEGAN FOOD. Hayek Hospital located in Beirut, Lebanon made a major announcement on March 1, 2021 on its social media platforms stating: “Starting today, March 1, 2021, our patients will no longer wake up from surgery to be greeted with ham, cheese, milk and eggs……

Lebanese Vegans Celebrated “The Compassionate Christmas” at their new support center

Active members of Lebanese Vegans community organized The Compassionate Christmas Event on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, the first vegan support center in the Middle East.The Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, in Beirut, was created by animal advocate Seb Alex working with the Lebanese Vegans organization.https://plantbasednews.org/culture/ethics/vegan-support-center-opens-middle-east/ “The Compassionate Christmas” was the event’s inspiring slogan which carried an encouraging…

“Beirut Animal Save” organized an event for the #WakeUpWorld campaign at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub!

beirut animal save square

As part of Animal Save Movement’s #WakeUpWorld campaign, Activists at Beirut Animal Save organized an event entitled “Aren’t We All Earthling” and held their very first SAVE SQUARE at Lebanese Vegans Social Hub, Beirut Lebanon on 12th of December 2020. The event started with a welcoming word by one of the organizers Ilige Mfarej, followed by a documentary…

Lebanese Vegans celebrates the opening of its first-of-a-kind Social Hub on World Vegan Day

Lebanese Vegans celebrates the opening of Social Hub on World Vegan Day

Lebanese Vegans celebrated the soft opening of its first-of-a-kind Social Hub in Lebanon and in the region on World Vegan Day, 1st of November 2020. Lebanese Vegans Social Hub is all about building a nurturing community filled with vegan(minded) people to gather, meet and enjoy delicious Vegan food and drinks in its beautiful vegan café…