Beirut Cat Café Opening Soon – What’s the deal?

Beirut Cat Café

In collaboration with Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals BETA and Petriotics, the owner of Beirut Cat Café Lynn Khoury revealed that the café is set to open in Beirut Waterfront by the end of November 2017.

Visitors of Beirut Cat Café will be able to spend time with cats provided by BETA and to experience these shelter cats in a different environment.
According to Lynn, the purpose of this project is to spread awareness about the importance of adopting animals considering them as members of the family and not as accessories for decoration or fashion.

The staff of Beirut Cat Café will be trained to deal with the cats and take care of them. Customers will have to follow a set of rules to ensure the safety of the cats and a pleasant overall experience.

The café will serve food and drinks in a setting where the vaccinated and clean cats will be roaming around freely.

Beirut Cat Café

Customers will be hanging out with the cats, playing with them and petting them while having a bite in a clean and calm catmosphere.

The deal is that you will be able to adopt the cat you fall in love with. One of the café’s goals, in collaboration with BETA, is to encourage people to adopt instead of buying, if they are planning on having a cat as a pet.

The idea of a Cat Café has been blooming for a while now, starting in Japan and moving on to Europe, Canada, America, and even Dubai.
The Lebanese society has the potential to accept and embrace this new and exciting experience.

Beirut Cat Café will be a great new experience that we’ll definitely be thrilling to check out!



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