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Beirut Hosted The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation “Party for the Animals” Conference

Animal Politics Foundation conference - Party For The Animals

The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation Conference In Beirut

The Animal Politics Foundation (part of the Dutch Party for the Animals) organised a conference on animal rights issues and the future of our planet at the Phoenicia Beirut Hotel, Lebanon from the 12th till the 13th of December 2018.

Around 40 representatives of animal rights, environmental organizations and activists from several countries attended the conference entitled “Animal Rights & a Sustainable Future” in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Mohammed Sukariya.

The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation “Party for the Animals” Partij voor de Dieren, is the first growing political party in the world that is committed to the interest of animals, nature and the environment in politics and public administration.

Day 1, 12th December

Animal Politics Foundation - party for the animalsThe conference started with a welcoming speech by Elze Boshart (chairperson of Animal Politics Foundation and founder of Party for the Animals) followed by:

Karen Soeters (founder of AnimalsToday.nl & House of Animals, media communication expert and director at Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation) who talked about effective communication and the various challenges in the field of Animal welfare and protection.

Joseph Poore (researcher at the Oxford University) discussed the Livestock industry: Environmental Impact, Food security, Water and Biodiversity. 

Annie Osborn (International project coordinator The Good Food Institute)  talked about Sustainable Alternatives to the Livestock Industry.

Salima Kadaoui (Moroccan animal rescuer and the founder of SFT – Animal Sanctuarydiscussed the project “HAYAT” and animal welfare education.

Maurice Darbo (Regional Coordinator of the animal welfare organisation LAWS –  The Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society) discussed as well The importance of getting animal welfare into schools.

Panel discussion Moderated by Animal Politics Foundation

Day 2, 13th December

Animal Politics Foundation - party for the animalsKaren Soeters (Media communication expert & director of scientific bureau NGPF) discussed  the Difference in Communication and Strategy Methods: NGO’s vs Political Parties followed by Workshop: Putting Different Methods into Practice

Bruce Poon  (Australian Animal Justice Party) discussed the Campaigning on Animal Issues: Live Transport

Jason Mier (Animals Lebanon) presented a lecture on Effective Lobbying in Lebanon and discussed about The Animal Protection And Welfare law 47/2017 approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Council of Ministers, Joint Committee of Parliament, General Assembly of Parliament, and The President of Lebanon, his Excellency General Michel Aoun on 7 September 2017 after eight years  of researching, drafting, revising and lobbying.

The conference ended with a general discussion about possible future cooperation between The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation and all animal rights and environmental organizations as the attendees were enjoying Vegan drinks and bites.


The Dutch Animal Politics Foundation invited the public to the screening of the documentary “Dominion”  in the screening room of hotel The Gray in Beirut followed by Q&A with experts from Animals Australia and the Dutch Party for the Animals (holding five seats in Dutch Parliament and one in the European Parliament

Posted by Choose Compassion on Thursday, 13 December 2018

🎬 The highly anticipated film explores the way in which humans and animals interact, especially looking at the food system and how animals are used for human benefit. Drones, hidden cameras, and hand-held cameras are used to “expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture”.

Lebanon imports thousands of live animals from Australia every year. The Australian and Lebanese governments call this “the highest quality, cleanest and sustainably produced livestock available.” But the documentary shows something very different. We highly recommend that you watch it to figure out by yourself!

The participants

Animal rights and environmental organizations and independent activists

He\Art of Rescue International,  Arab Federation for Wildlife ,  Protection ,  Association de Défense des Animaux et de la Nature – ADAN,  Zülal Kalkandelen,  SFT Animal Sanctuary,   Algerie Elrifk-compassion animaux,  Choose Compassion,  Lebanese Vegans,  Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection,  Palestinian Animal  League,  Animals Lebanon,  BETA – Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,  Anonymous for the voiceless,  Green Line,  Elissar News,  Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society,  Association for Bird Conservation in Lebanon,  Paw Shake – RefQ


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Happening now in Beirut! Animal Politics Foundation Conference: Animal Rights & a Sustainable Future.
Animal Politics Foundation / Party for the Animals



Posted by Choose Compassion on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

This past week we organised screenings of the eye-opening Dominion: Documentary in Beirut, Lebanon and Sarajevo, Bosnia…

Posted by Party for the Animals on Tuesday, 18 December 2018

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