Animal Protection And Welfare Law published in the Lebanese official gazette

Animal protection and welfare law approved

The Animal Protection And Welfare law 47/2017 is finally in effect after it got approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Council of Ministers, Joint Committee of Parliament, General Assembly of Parliament, and The President of Lebanon, his Excellency General Michel Aoun and finally published in the Lebanese official gazette.

After eight years of researching, drafting, revising, lobbying, Animals Lebanon who, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and international experts, succeeded to give animals the legal protection they desperately need.
During their campaign, Animals Lebanon created a petition that needed 25,000 signatures. Although the law has been approved and the goal of 25,000 signatures has been reached.
Founded in 2008, animal welfare NGO Animals Lebanon has rescued thousands of animals, campaigned against abusive circuses, farmers and breeders, shut down unregulated zoos, and has worked on cracking down the illegal smuggling of endangered species in and out of the country.

This law can now help Lebanon return to its position as a regional leader in animal welfare.
Lebanon now has a strong and comprehensive law to give animals legal protection and make animal abuse a punishable crime.

All animals are now legally protected today and for the years to come.

قانون حماية الحياوانات والرفق بها – الجريدة الرسمية اللبنانية

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